Current Issues

SEPTEMBER picture of the Month - the Noon Gun in the Lion Battery on Signal Hill.
Saturday 31st August was the last day on duty of Naval Officer Malgas who retires and is replaced by Officer Sampson. A special farewell was well attended and in an unusual gesture of appreciation to Officer Malgas, both guns were fired.
The new St Cyprian's sports field in Upper Orange St under construction.

City notices of current applications for e.g. departures from building regulations:

Erf 4017 CBD 8 Vredenburg Lane (addition 3 floors for 6 Flats)
Objections deadline 26 September 2019
Erf 106 Tamboerskloof 9 Poyser Rd (application for subdivision)
Objections deadline 27 September 2019
Erf 518 Tamboerskloof Hilldene steps off Albert Rd (Renew lease of portion of public St)
Objections deadline 7 October 2019
Erf 3279 Oranjezicht, 5 Vriende St (application to run a Creche from the premises)
Objections deadline 11 October 2019 NB subsequently extended to 21 Oct
Erf 390 Tamboerskloof 34 Woodside Rd (departures for 1st floor bedroom extension)
Objections deadline 21 October 2019

(Above City notices are PDF's listed below which may be viewed/downloaded)

CIBRA Cape Town,
6 Sep 2019, 02:16
CIBRA Cape Town,
22 Aug 2019, 05:49
Mike Scott,
18 Sep 2019, 01:56
CIBRA Cape Town,
9 Sep 2019, 22:58
CIBRA Cape Town,
10 Sep 2019, 04:56