Urban Conservation Documents & Information

We regret that the City has altered their website and all the old links to documents no longer work.
The headings for documents below should be copied and then click on the City website link here 

and when it opens up enter what you have copied into the search block on the City website which will then show the relevant material.

Alterations and Additions in Historic Residential Areas

Boundary Enclosures in Heritage Areas and to Historic Buildings


Caring for your old building - the least you need to know

Design Guidelines in a Heritage Context

Roofscapes in Heritage Areas and of Historic Buildings

Security in Heritage Areas and for Historic Buildings

Cultural Heritage Strategy

Environmental and heritage management

Environment and Resource management Biodiversity Glossary

Heritage guidelines for signs in urban conservation areas of Cape Town

Heritage Areas

Heritage Resources

Information document on the new Heritage Protection Overlay Zone (HPOZ)

National Heritage Resources Act, Act 25 of 1999

Upper Table Valley (Gardens, Oranjezicht, Tamboerskloof) Heritage area map

Vredehoek Heritage area map

Heritage Pamphlets and maps from the City Council website
The grading for Cape Town's heritage resources (buildings) are available on The City of Cape Town GIS viewer at the following link on their website:  https://citymaps.capetown.gov.za/EGISViewer/
Please look to the right on the layer menu and select THEMES, HERITAGE, LOCAL HERITAGE RESOURCES, you have to tick the heritage theme on the right and then go on info. The colouring designating the grading only appears when you zoom out quite a bit.
NB scroll down on the above window for the full list of other Urban Conservation documents available.

Urban Conservation documents

Heritage Pamphlets and maps from the City Council website:
This above Map can be downloaded in large format from the above list of Urban Conservation documents titled: 

Heritage brochures and grading guidelines