Urban Conservation

Important information for Cape Town residents: 
Planning Applications: How to request an interview with the City's Planing Tribunal  for people who have objected to a development application and wish to pursue the matter at the Planning Tribunal.

Section 120(11) of the Municipal Planning By-Law (MPBL) provides that a person may request to make an oral representation at a meeting of the MPT. Such a request must comply with the following requirements:

1.      It must be a written request emailed to the following address : MPT.oralhearings@capetown.gov.za

2.      It must provide adequate reasons for the request.

3.      The request must be received at the above mentioned address at least 5 days before the MPT meeting, or closer to the meeting if good cause is shown, at which the application(s) will be considered.

In order to assist you to determine if you would like to make such request, you are directed to the following web link whereby the scheduled MPT meeting dates and the agendas are published: http://www.capetown.gov.za/Family%20and%20home/meet-the-city/city-council/Meeting-calendar. 


Kindly ensure that your request reaches the relevant parties timeously. Should you have any queries in respect hereof you may contact Rene Petersen – 021 400 1997.


Yours sincerely 

Cassiem Brown

Customer Interface

Development Management  

2nd Floor, Media City Building

Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town, 8000 

T +2721400 6472

E cassiem.brown@capetown.gov.za

 W www.capetown.gov.za


Urban Conservation Advisory Panel meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month ONLY, unless it is a Public Holiday, in which case it is usually held on the following Monday. Contact us if the booking page does not reflect this. (Note: No meetings in January.)

Venue is 15 Belvedere Avenue, Oranjezicht, from 5:30PM to 8:30PM, in 10min increment per application, i.e. book 1 time slot per application if you have more than one. Please be present 5min before your booked time.  

If all the time-slots are taken, please do come, but be prepared to wait until all booked applications have been seen. This may mean after 8:40 pm.
To make a booking please click on this link: 

 The Link above will take you to a list of time slots to choose from for your 10min booking. If you see a Monday with 'No Availability', it is probably not the correct Monday of the month you are viewing, so click the right arrowhead to move to the date of the 1st Monday of the month.
If the 1st Monday of the Month shows 'No Availability' then all the booking slots have been taken and you should then book for the 1st Monday of the next month (preferably) OR come at 8:30 pm and wait.
A Powerpoint presentation showing the Booking system is in the Urban Conservation Documents window below.
If you booked and cannot attend a panel meeting, please CANCEL your time-slot to free it for someone else.
Finally please note that we send the minutes of every meeting to HWC, who can be contacted for our comment on any particular application seen at that meeting. Feel free to contact:   Zwelibanzi.Shiceka@westerncape.gov.za  to follow up directly with HWC. We also attach the minutes of the meetings lower down on this page for your reference.
We trust it is understandable that we cannot extract each individual comment, and send it on our letterhead individually to all the +- 20 – 38 applicants we see every meeting.

 If e-mailing documents in advance for the panel, please send to citybowlratepayers@gmail.com at least 48 hours before meetings. It's no good sending these on the day of the meeting as some panel members may be out of their office during that day and may well not see these documents until after the meeting.

Much time is wasted and delays caused by applicants whose e-mail subject line is vague, generic, the name of a building, house, company, individual, or application No. or erf No. or, as happens so often, changes in the course of continuing e-mails correspondence.

To avoid delays, ensure that the SUBJECT LINE contains:

(1) the STREET address of the property which is the subject of the application.
(2) either of the words "Conservation" or "Planning", as applicable (so we know where the application is pending)
(3) that you KEEP the SAME SUBJECT LINE throughout the process.

Failing this, accept that there will be delays as we spend an inordinate amount of time keeping track of application subject lines as moving target.
Heritage implications for building work in the City Bowl: 

For all planning applications for building work, including demolition permits on: 
- A property situated in a Heritage Protection Overlay Zone (formerly Urban Conservation Area); - or 
- A property over 60 years old situated anywhere in the City Bowl 

Proposed building work, including a request to Heritage Western Cape for a demolition permit, will be referred to CIBRA for comments by either Heritage Western Cape or the City's Planning Dept. as applicable. 
CIBRA has a panel of experienced, recognised professionals who assist in making comments on these applications. The panel meets once a month to review projects in Heritage Overlay Zones or properties over 60 years old in the City Bowl. 

MEETINGS take place: 
- on the 1st Monday of each month February to December (NO meetings in January), except when that Monday is a public holiday, in which case it will be rescheduled to the following Monday. 
- Meetings are at 5.30 pm at No. 15 Belvedere Avenue, Oranjezicht. 
Please book a time slot - see top above this page for instructions, which are also on the booking application.

To ease the process, applicants or their representatives should bring: 
1. One printed set of complete plans (including all elevations and a site plan); plans to include details of windows, doors, roofs & roof eaves, balconies, gutters, etc where new or a reversal of later work, and their detailed respective material specifications. 
2. Photographs of the property in question as it stands; 
3. Photographs of the properties* on either side of the applicant's property; 
4. Streetviews that include the applicant's property, one from each street direction*; 
5. Renderings are optional but useful in case of substantial alterations/building work. 
6. For demolition applications, items listed in 2 to 4 plus a basic, documented historical background, except where a 
HIA is required, in which case the panel will want to have a digital copy of it. 
7. Indicate under which section (38; 34 or 27 of the NHRA applies and if possible the property's grading). 
8. If a revision of previously shown plans (or ridder plans), please bring both previous and revised sets of plans.
Applicants to refer to the following link for general heritage information and specific information on the Heritage 
Protection Overlay Zones. NB click on this hyperlink or copy and paste it into the command line of your Internet Browser and ‘Enter’: 

As panel members are all busy professionals with their own practices or business, no special meetings can be held 
outside of these pre-set monthly meetings. 
It will help if a set of the plans & photographs to be shown are e-mailed in advance to: citybowlratepayers@gmail.com
but no comments will be made on the basis of e-mails alone and no plans will be supported outside of monthly meetings. 
Do not phone to arrange a separate meeting with anyone at CIBRA, as none will be provided: besides its members being all busy individuals, comments are a collective process, not that of single individuals. 
(1) If e-mailing pictures, please indicate the street Nos. of each property photographed and direction of street views. 
(2) Please be consistent in your e-mail subject line - preferably the street name & number. Changing to Erf number or name of building in subsequent e-mail’s subject line only makes e-mail follow-up difficult. 

A copy of the above is in the first document 001 in the panel below
(Other Urban Conservation documents are also available to download)
NB scroll down on the above window for the full list of documents available.

Urban Conservation documents

The grading for Cape Town's heritage resources (buildings) are available on The City of Cape Town GIS viewer at the following link on their website:
Pse look to the right on the layer menu and select THEMES, HERITAGE, LOCAL HERITAGE RESOURCES

Heritage Pamphlets and maps from the City Council website:
This above Map can be downloaded in large format from the above list of Urban Conservation documents titled: 
City Bowl HPOZ-Revised 2015
More useful documents and websites can be viewed by clicking on this Hyperlink here: 
Urban Conservation Web links OR on the sub-page link at the very bottom  of this page. Some are available in this Box:

Heritage brochures and grading guidelines


CIBRA Urban Conservation Advisory Panel Minutes

CIBRA’s Urban Conservation Advisory Panel, dealt with 250 applications in 2016. Read the Full Report by Karinina Ingwersen in the Word document above.