Urban Conservation

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Some iconic Cape Town  restored and maintained buildings today
 Heritage Western Cape (HWC) is the authority for any building work to or demolitions - partial or total - of properties, including in the City Bowl (Wards 77 and 115) which are older than 60 years, or that have other heritage value.

All conservation applications are referred to CIBRA's Conservation Advisory Panel of professionals for review and comment.

Our panel comprises of unpaid volunteers who can meet only once a month. This takes place on the 1st Monday of each month unless it is a Public Holiday, in which case it is usually the following Monday. (Note: No meetings in January.)



1) Please complete the submission Form (Block A) and attend to all items on the checklist (Block B) in pdf format. This form may be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

2) The completed Submission Form and all applicable documents, plans, drawings, photos etc. must be e-mailed by no later than 10:00 am the Friday morning before the meeting to: citybowlratepayers@gmail.com

3) Late applications will be postponed to the following month as the panel needs enough time to prepare.

4) Ensure that the SUBJECT LINE of your e-mail contains the street address and the erf number of the property which is the subject of the application.

5) Thereafter please keep the same SUBJECT LINE throughout the process in any correspondence with CIBRA. Failing this, accept that it may delay our answering any query.


6) Applicants must deliver one set of printed copies of all documentation before meetings, including the City's EHRM form and any other relevant forms, to 88 New Church St., Gardens c/o Flint & Assoc. during business hours Monday to Friday, but no later than 1pm on the day of the meeting. 

7) Alternative address: Should No. 88 Church St. not answer, please deliver documents to No. 90 next door (Tintagel Guest House - 021 422 53 66) as they are authorized to accept documents for the Conservation Panel.

8) These copies are needed for stamping if the Panel supports the application [No prints = no stamping]


9) Following the monthly meeting, the panel will complete, for each application discussed, a Comments form which will be printed and attached to the application documents.

10) Once the Comments forms are ready, CIBRA will send a follow-up e-mail to applicants to advise that your documents are ready for collection at 88 New Church St., Gardens during Office hours. 

11) A copy of every Comments form will be forwarded to HWC.

12) Kindly note that it can take up to 14 days for documents to be ready for collection as the comments are a collective process subject to verification & approval by the panel members, but we are busy streamlining our process to be able to return your documents within a working week after the meeting.

13) The panel may wish occasionally to meet with the applicant for discussion of the project; in such cases the applicant will be notified and be invited to attend the next monthly meeting unless another date is feasible for both the panel and the applicant.



No applications will be discussed telephonically - this is a consensus process via a panel.

No demolition application will be considered without entire item #9 in the Submission Form being documented and forwarded to CIBRA.

No plans for building work in progress or completed will be commented on.

No single e-mail to exceed ±12MB; send attachments into two or more e-mails if necessary.

Other Documents dealing with Urban Conservation matters are available to download using the sub-page.