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Cape Town's MyCiTi Bus service can take you to 20 Tourist attractions. See maps in the PDF at the bottom of the Tourist Info page.
One of our City residents recently complained about the Taxis operating in Kloof Street that were causing a disturbance again and taking business away from the MyCiti bus service on Route 103. The reply from the City is a PDF in the Traffic & Transport documents box  near the bottom of this page entitled: 
Note from the City of Cape Town Transport Information Centre 16th August 2016
 Motorcar driving licences or motorcar licence renewal (or new licence): a new regulation requires all owners of vehicles to present ID documents and proof of address and postal address. 
Good News for Cape Town residents and Tourists who want to go up Table Mountain:
FREE Shuttle bus service from Kloof Nek to the Lower Cableway station, and back.
 (This means you can park more easily at Kloof Nek and avoid the congestion along Tafelberg road)
The MyCiTi free shuttle bus service leaves Kloof Nek for the Lower Cable Station
‘The MyCiTi shuttle service to the Upper Table Mountain stop is free of charge, meaning visitors only need to pay on Route 107 (Camps Bay) from the central business district to the top of Kloof Nek Road, where they can disembark at the Kloof Nek Stop situated at the Kloof Nek Road/Tafelberg Road intersection. From there, visitors should transfer to the Route 110 bus – the free Table Mountain shuttle service – to the Upper Tafelberg stop and disembark at the cableway station,’ said Councillor Herron.
The same applies to passengers who are departing from the cableway station: they embark at the Upper Tafelberg stop and will transfer to MyCiTi Route 107 at the Kloof Nek Stop at the Kloof Nek Road/Tafelberg Road intersection. 
Passengers can expect a bus on the Table Mountain service every 10 minutes or so, with the summer service commencing at 07:00 and the last bus departing from the Lower Cable Station at 19:00. 
Those who do not have myconnect cards can purchase single trip cards at a cost of R30 each at the kiosks at the MyCiTi stations in order to get to Kloof Nek. Similarly there are single trip card dispensers at Kloof Nek Info centre, and at the Lower Cableway station. 
Passengers should please note that they will need to buy two single trip cards per person (one to travel to Kloof Nek and another to travel back to the area where they have parked). Children under four travel for free on ALL the MyCiTi buses. 
Passengers are requested to familiarise themselves with the operational hours of the kiosks as these differ from the general operational hours of the MyCiTi stations.
‘The single trip cards will make it more convenient and easy for those who are unaccustomed to the MyCiTi service and we urge residents to give the MyCiTi service a try,’ said Councillor Herron.
MyCITI Feeder Routes
Here is the FULL notification - with the maps
NB although your comments had to be submitted by 30 September 2015 you may still wish to peruse the relevant documents below which show what was involved.

Proposed MyCiti service Phase 1B Feeder route

Traffic&Transport documents

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