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A new ward, Ward 115, was introduced in the City Bowl for the 2016 municipal elections. Registered voters vote in the Voting District to which they have been assigned (usually that closest to their place of residence). Displayed here are the new ward boundaries and you can either log onto the IEC website at and type in your address to see which voting station you must now use, OR SMS your ID to 32810 and you will be told if you are registered and at which voting station.

This is the final ward 77 map from the City showing our new area since the creation of Ward 115.

If you click on it to,open it then you can use your browser Zoom feature to see more detail.


Report on the Ward 77 committee meeting of the 15th August 2018

MUNICIPAL BUDGET: Charges for every service went up on the 1st of July, to which is now added services charges for water, the later being based on the diameter of the supply pipe at point of entry onto properties, typically 15mm for most houses. The service charge for electricity is fixed at R150/m.

 Sectional title blocks of flats have complained about the service charge levied on the separate (if the case) meter for common areas, as that charge can exceed the cost of electricity used in the common areas.

 Water: the allowances set on the WMD meters will be increased upon demand where a household can justify the number of residents on site above the usual four that the WMD is set to supply.

 Many residents have complained about the discrepancy between their actual consumption and the amount invoiced. Once again, the City is taking the easy way out: rather than really read water metres it makes estimates based on last year’s consumption for the same period, as if most residents had not dramatically reduced their water usage. Residents can always read their own metres and forward the reading to the City by whatever means they prefer. Own readings are best done more or less at the same time as the date your meter is usually read… when read!

 Parks: R450.000 out of the ward allocation has been set for Ward 77 parks (fencing, maintenance & upgrade) for the year 2018/2019.

 Safe Spaces: The pilot project of a safe space in Culemborg for the homeless is finally up & running, with a capacity for 230 people. Opened on Mandela Day, it saw the marriage of a couple of some 30 years running. The Safe Space project fills the gap between the inhospitable streets and the NGO shelters. The City estimates the need across the Metro at 7.000 people.

 NGOs: Streetscape is a NGO that seeks to restore street people through their reinsertion into formal employment. Of the 75 people currently on Streetscape’s programme, 34 have found full-time employment and 30 are off the streets and being coached to do the same.

 Events application: Cllr Brandon has indicated his intention to object to the granting of a noise exemption permit for the contentious event set to take place in Wesley St. on the 8th of September.

 Trafalgar site: The site next to the Trafalgar School is to be fenced, levelled and converted into sports fields for that school and the Harold Crecy School, neither of which have such facilities.

 Gardens Watch: its AGM is to be held on the 5th of September.

 CPF: the weekly meetings at Caledon Square now take place on Thursdays, at 8am. All residents welcome.

 Finally, a rumour about child abduction from school gates seems, so far, to be just that. The SAPS is unaware of any such incident but is investigating anyway and no one could come up with anything specific.


Our new sub-council 16 chairman is Matthew Kempthorne who takes over from Dimitri Qually who retired. Sub Council 16 comprises Wards 54/57/74/77/115. Matthew is a Capetownian who says the key issues are traffic congestion, affordable housing, and the balance between residents, commuters, and tourists. Other issues are security, sustainability, smart living, re-cycling, and protection of our unique environment.


The City Councillor for our Ward 77 is Brandon Golding:

Due to changes instituted by the Municipal Demarcation Board, the geographical composition of the ward has changed. In practice this means that Ward 77 is now largely a residential ward comprising the areas of Bo Kaap, Tamboerskloof, Higgovale, Oranjezicht, Vredehoek, Devil’s Peak, High Cape, part of Lower Gardens and District Six.
Cllr Brandon Golding
Councillor: Ward 77 – City of Cape Town
Tel:  082 565 0828

Note that the old ward 77 is now split into a smaller Ward 77 and a new Ward 115 comprising the central CBD and environs.
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