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A new ward, Ward 115, was introduced in the City Bowl for the 2016 municipal elections. Registered voters vote in the Voting District to which they have been assigned (usually that closest to their place of residence). Displayed here are the new ward boundaries and you can either log onto the IEC website at and type in your address to see which voting station you must now use, OR SMS your ID to 32810 and you will be told if you are registered and at which voting station.

This is the final ward 77 map from the City showing our new area since the creation of Ward 115.

If you click on it to,open it then you can use your browser Zoom feature to see more detail.


Report on the Ward 77 Committee meeting of 13th June 2018

The City’s final, revised budget was approved at the end of May.  From the budget:

Water: charge for the 1st band (up to 6kl) has been reduced and the higher band increased.

 However, the City persists in advertising the percentages of increases based on the earlier one this year. Year on year, which is what many residents will look at, comparing what they spent on water last year and they may this year, i.e July 2017 vs. July 2018, the increase is + 722% for the 1st band & + 295% for the 2nd (6 to 10,5kl), to which must be added the flat monthly basic charge in both cases. 

The flat charge is based on the diameter of the water pipe to a property. However, residents will need to check the actual diameter before the water meter (i.e. the City’s pipe), not that on their property, which may differ for whatever reason.

 Indigent homes will have water leaks fixed at the City’s expense.

Rates:  Rates increase has been lowered from the initial budget’s + 7,2% to the revised budget’s +6.5%. However the current general valuation (GV2018) will have increased property values; these revised property valuations will take effect in July 2019. Watch this space for more on the subject when the new valuations are released. 

Cllr. Brandon Golding will drive the rates rebate process for 2018-2019. Those who qualify need to contact him.

City budget revision: Overall, some 40.000 comments were received by the City from residents. The surprising number of objections is what brought the City to review it’s original proposed budget.

 But cuts had to be made to various posts, such as parks or recreation. Parks & Sports intend to use only non-potable water in all parks and sports fields. However, how this will be implemented still needs to be defined.

Water situation: If dams fill up enough, the tariffs (currently at 3B) will revert to 3A, or even possibly 2. Tariffs for these have been included in the revised budget and can be implemented at short notice, if the situation allows.

 Dams stood at 31,5% in the 1st week of June, versus 22% in the same week last year. However, residents cannot relax, as the dams need to fill up substantially more to cope with the long summer ahead.

HPOZs: Bo-Kaap’s HPOZ may be declared a National Heritage Site. The current legal case between Bo-Kaap/HWC against the City is no longer an obstacle. Vredehoek’s HPOZ will proceed from Bo-Kaap’s progress. 

In both cases, the two councillors for the City Bowl will submit a motion at the sub-council 16 meeting of the 14th June that the City vote on the proclamation of these two pending HPOZs.

City contracts: Community-based vendors can sub-contract to the City for any contract under R30.000, obviating much of the onerous standard contracting processes.

 Homeless: The much delayed Culemborg ‘Safe Space’ pilot project should open at the end of June… or July. However, PRASA has objected for reasons not clear as it is not affected by the project.

Security: A LPR camera has been installed in Wale & Rose Streets and Chapel Street has been fitted with CCTV ones. The City Bowl is gradually being covered with monitoring cameras.

...and rumours: Rumours on social pages that there had been several hold-ups of businesses in the City Bowl this month proved just that: only one restaurant was held-up, in Derry Street, and before opening. That this turned into fictitious multiple incidents is a reminder that news on social pages needs to be taken with more than just a pinch of salt.… Grab the whole shaker.


Our new sub-council 16 chairman is Matthew Kempthorne who takes over from Dimitri Qually who retired. Sub Council 16 comprises Wards 54/57/74/77/115. Matthew is a Capetownian who says the key issues are traffic congestion, affordable housing, and the balance between residents, commuters, and tourists. Other issues are security, sustainability, smart living, re-cycling, and protection of our unique environment.


The City Councillor for our Ward 77 is Brandon Golding:

Due to changes instituted by the Municipal Demarcation Board, the geographical composition of the ward has changed. In practice this means that Ward 77 is now largely a residential ward comprising the areas of Bo Kaap, Tamboerskloof, Higgovale, Oranjezicht, Vredehoek, Devil’s Peak, High Cape, part of Lower Gardens and District Six.
Cllr Brandon Golding
Councillor: Ward 77 – City of Cape Town
Tel:  082 565 0828

Note that the old ward 77 is now split into a smaller Ward 77 and a new Ward 115 comprising the central CBD and environs.
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