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This map shows places of interest and importance in the CBD and our CIBRA Ward 77.
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All too often tourists are seen as an easy targets by criminals! With expensive items on them, not knowing the lay of the land, reluctant to open cases and far away should any arrests be made, it's assumed that once out of the country the criminal is scot-free!

However, two recent cases have shown that the system is working and SAPS, along with the Justice System, are not letting these criminals get away with it. Recently, suspects were arrested following cases being opened. Even though the victims had left the country, the cases continued in our courts with the foreign victims testifying via video conferencing. Convictions of 10 and 15 years were secured respectively for the different suspects. 

SAPS confirm that they are working on quick investigations and arrest in all cases, particularly when a tourist is involved. Something for a would-be criminal to think twice about. 
Cape Town's MyCiTi Bus service can take you to 20 Tourist attractions. See maps in the PDF at the bottom of this page:
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Good News for Cape Town residents and Tourists who go up Table Mt. -
Go to the cable-way lower station free of charge! The Cableway company has entered into an agreement with MyCITI for a free shuttle between the Kloof Nek stop and the lower cableway station. Motorists can leave their car at the Kloof Nek parking and take the bus shuttle at the bus stop there. The shuttle  runs every 20mn from 7h00 am  (summer ) or 7h30am (winter) to 7h00pm (summer or 6h45pm (winter), the last time from the lower cableway station.
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Kobus Swanepoel Customer Relations Management (CRM) Transport Information Centre has
advised that effective 15 August 2015, an agreement with the Table Mountain Aerial Company has been reached which will result in all passengers travelling on the MyCiTi shuttle portion of Route 110 between Lower Tafelberg and Upper Tafelberg stops be allowed to travel free of charge.
 (This means you can park more easily at Kloof Nek and avoid the congestion along Tafelberg road)

Single trip card dispensers are also installed should customers prefer to extend the journey and access the normal scheduled MyCiTi service.
The dispensers are at the kiosk at the Cable Station on Table Mt road, and in the SAN Parks Info cabin in the Kloof Nek parking lot.

CIBRA Cape Town,
4 Oct 2017, 23:38