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The Cape Town Community Police Forum (CPF) is the body that links SAPS and the community. This is our monthly newsletter, a snippet of what is happening in the Bowl! 
(March 2017 Newsletter)

The Cape Town CPF is in need of YOUR help. The work that we do is pivotal to the relationship between the community and SAPS. As well as ensuring that we are tackling the issues that matter to all our residents. And not forgetting the championing of the needs of SAPS.

But we can't do it alone and need additional members to help us continue this work. Are you interested in victim support counselling – could you drive that voluntary service? Do you have a project in mind that you could work on with us? Are you keen to make a difference to the community of our precinct?

Our Executive meets on the third Monday of each month at 17:30 and we would love you to join us. Drop us an e-mail to volunteer!

Thank you to the community members who put forward Solomon Mkhize for our Quarterly External Roleplayer award. There has not been any candidate who has received as much positive comment from the community in general. 

Solomon has been working in the parking area of Deer Park for the last two years and the almost predictable seasonal crime increases appear to be a thing of the past. Historically, not a spring has gone past without an increase in the report of car break-ins, but since Solomon has been there this has changed. Solomon watches the area day in and day out and it has shown its rewards. 

He will not hesitate to alert the SANParks rangers or SAPS should any suspicious people or behaviour be seen in this area. In addition to this, Solomon alerted SAPS to the fact that the Rhodes Memorial rapist was on the mountain – the day before his arrest was made. 

Well done, Solomon, and thank you for the positive impact that you have had!
Did you know that your area falls into a specific SAPS sector and that there is a specific monthly sector forum for your sector? This is an opportunity for you to engage with SAPS and other role players about the issues that concern your area specifically. 

Pictured above is the Sector 1 (CBD) forum meeting and, as you can see, the participation is great! Why not take the opportunity and join your sector forum. For more details on which one, where and when drop us an e-mail with your details on it. 

Big or small, costly or not, insured or not, we implore you to open a case with your local SAPS station. Like it or not, SAPS work on the stats that they have to hand. Analysis is done on the crimes, the areas, the impact and the causes, and resources are allocated accordingly. If you have been a victim of crime and have not reported it to SAPS then the reality is ... that it has not really happened .. .despite the loss that you have incurred. 

Yes, it can be time-consuming but it is vital that all crimes are reported to SAPS. They need the full picture of what is happening and if you are not providing it, then we can't complain about the crime in the area. There are also times that SAPS have recovered stolen property and are unable to unite it with its rightful owner because no case has been opened. 

Take the time, and do the right thing. 
We all know that we live in a pretty amazing city but again Capetonians have opened their hearts to their fellow citizens who lost everything in the Hout Bay fires. We have been truly humbled by the mountains of donations that have been dropped at the Roeland Street Fire Station, and at many other places too. We thank you all for this generosity and care. 
A reminder that there is an open invitation to you to join our open CPF meetings. These take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 08:00. The meetings are held at the Akker Hall, Central Police Station, Buitenkant Street. 

METRO POLICE - (City Council) phone 0860 765 423 
Law Enforcement - (City Council) phone 021 596 1999 (24 hours)



treet muggings in the City Bowl seem to have been on the rise recently. Yet, most victims, too happy to come out of these unharmed, fail to report the incidents to the SAPS.
Phoning Caledon Square or just another SAPS instance will not help: you need to lodge a complaint if these incidents are to be curbed and the criminals arrested.
Call 021 467 8001/6

A police officer will come to you
and help you open a case without your having to go to Caledon Square.
Remember: when suspects are arrested with stolen property, the SAPS has no way of returning it to its rightful owner if they do not know whose it is... for that they need a case to have been opened.

Please, don't be a victim twice: help the muggers be arrested by reporting incidents to the above number and opening a case. If you don't, it's as if the incident never happened. And a friend, relative or one or your teen children could be yet another victim. Or you (don't confuse crime and lightning!)

Please note that to go to the websites of the Neighbourhood Watches below, use the links underneath as clicking on the logos just gives you a bigger view of the logo only.

Link to Devil's Peak/Vredehoek Neighbourhood Watch
Link to Oranjezicht/Higgovale Neighbourhood Watch
Link to Tamboerskloof Neighbourhood Watch                                     
Link to Gardens Neighbourhood Watch is inactive at present
The Gardens Neighbourhood Watch has been all but defunct for the past few years due to low active membership numbers. Due to this efforts have focussed on the establishment of an Improvement District in the area. However recently a meeting was held to revive this Neighbourhood Watch and there was an enthusiastic attendance. We will report when we learn what has been instituted.
Link to Bo-Kaap Neighbourhood Watch