There has been an increase in arrests recently of chain snatchers operating within the CBD. 
Please be mindful of not flashing valuables when walking in the CBD. 
Please inform your family and friends as well​.

SA POLICE CENTRAL CITY - phone 021 467 8001/2 (24 hours)

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CIBRA welcomes Marc Truss as the new Chairperson of the CPF.
Marc takes over from Nicola Jowell who served as Chairperson for several years.
We wish Marc every success in this key role of building good relationships between our Police services and the Community of ratepayers and residents.
The Cape Town Community Police Forum (CPF) is the body that links SAPS and the community. This is our monthly newsletter, a snippet of what is happening in the Bowl!

Working Together

April has been a great month for our neighbourhood watches who have each been a hive of activity!
In this newsletter we provide you with a glimpse of the tremendous work each of them does within their respective communities. The Cape Town CPF is proud to be associated with these crime warriors and community builders.

Recently a number of men and women at out local CT Central SAPS were awarded medals of honour for their long service. We say thank you to these individuals for their commitment to protecting civilians despite the increasing dangers within our society. We also remind them to share their knowledge, experience and dedication with those new incoming constables.

Last but definitely not least, we provide a brief overview of the Imbizo held for sectors 1, 4 and 6. A strong message was communicated from those present to strengthen the collaboration between SAPS and the various role players within our city in fighting crime.

That being said,
              as autumn slowly creeps up behind us bringing with it the changing colours and cool nippiness....We know winter is approaching and hopefully some much needed rain.  
              Let's not lose focus, please remember to keep up with your water saving efforts despite day zero being pushed back.

till next time....stay safe!

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Further Reading

If you haven't yet read the profile on Brigadier Hansraj in the latest edition of the Cape Towner, please click on the link.
Click here to view the March 2018 successful arrests for Cape Town Central SAPS


Congratulations to Cst. Beare and Cst. Tolibisa who were the recipients of the Police Officer of the month award  for March 2018.
The Police Officer of the Month (POM) award was initiated by the CTCPF to  recognise and thank those SAPS members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. If you wish to nominate a SAPS member for exceptional service, please submit your nomination by the 25th of each month.

DPV (DevilsPeak/Vredehoek) neighbourhood watch hosted its fourth annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, 25 March 2018 in De Waal Park. The fundraiser has grown from strength to strength and this year they welcomed 300 children to join in the fun!

The little ones had to search for clues across the park and participate in a number of activities, including a bunny hopscotch and egg-and-spoon race in order to collect their eggs. At the end of the race they finally received their biggest bunny chocolate from the Easter Bunny. The children could also have their faces painted, do some arts and crafts, enjoy the magician's show and buy some items from the Deer Little Market.

DPV watch has received wonderful support from the local communities and will plan to get even more volunteers on board next year! 

If you wish to contact the DPV NHW, please email them at

On Saturday 14 April 2018, the Upper District 6 NHW (UD6HW) in collaboration with SAPS crime prevention unit and partnering neighbourhood watches, conducted a raid of the fields surrounding it’s community. 

The community has noticed an increase in crime since the occupation of the vacant fields.  Stop and searches were conducted resulting in two individuals being arrested for possession of illegal substances.  The purpose of the operation was also to identify any suspects wanted for outstanding warrants of arrest. 

During this time, opportunities were taken to engage with individuals residing on the fields.  This engagement tried to determine the reasons for homelessness and also encourage the use of shelters within the area as well as redirection to the various social services available.

If you wish to contact the UD6NHW, please email them at

On 7 April 2018, the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood watch (BKNHW) together with concerned residents conducted a
clean up of certain problem areas within their community. 

The focus areas were Schotshe Kloof Flats,
Freedom Court and Yusuf Drive. 
The purpose of the cleanup aimed to mobilise the community to to take ownership of their space through working together and making the Bo-Kaap a cleaner, safer and better place to live. 

This initiative aligns with the broken windows theory we touched upon in last month's newsletter. Thanks BKNHW for taking the lead!

If you wish to contact the BKNHW, please email them at


The TBKWatch (Tamboerskloof) area camera signage phase A is complete. The signs at all entrances to Tamboerskloof notify the public to cameras in the suburb. Phase B will be in our part of the Gardens area, West of Kloof Street.  

TBK thanked it's marvellous sponsors and community donors who ensure that they continue to have funds to maintain and improve their infrastructure.

The LPR camera initiative - Phase 1-3 - was completed some time ago, along with the OH and DPV Watch systems. The team of superb data volunteers from these three watches is pounding syndicate crime with the support of SAPS and Metro.  The TBK Camera initiative, Phase 4, is in trial at the moment - with interesting software alerting the network, via Watchcom, to suspect behaviour. 

If you wish to contact TBK NHW, please email them at

Cape Town Central Medal Parade Vispol & Court Orderlies
On Tuesday morning, 17 April 2018,  Cape Town Central Police Station Commander Brigadier Hansia Hansraj handed over Medals to SAPS members for long service duties performed.

Pictured above:  Cape Town Central Police Vispol Head Commander -  Colonel Andre Roziers - receives his Centenary Medal for faithfully serving the community for 32 years’ service in the South African Police Service.

Due to a great collaboration between CCID, SAPS and the Cyclops team, two individuals were arrested for possession of a illegal firearm.

The CCID received complaints from traumatised members of the public about two males walking around with 2 firearms in the vicinity of Loop/Bree. Once the information was shared via two way radio, more officers was approached and informed about the presence of the 2 suspects. Cyclops (CoCT cameras) was informed and searched for the two. According to their clothing description it was easy for officers to identify them and it wasn't long before they were spotted walking in Long close to Dorp Street. 
CCID officers gave chase as they entered their vehicle in an attempt to escape. The suspects were stopped Leeuwen & Long where officer Sibawu searched them and found a 9mm pistol under the driver seat. Both suspects were arrested and  taken to SAPS.


On 25 April 2018, Cape Town Central SAPS hosted an Imbizo at the Iziko Slave Lodge. The imbizo provided an oversight of crime analysis, detectives/vispol successes as well a social crime prevention awareness.  Those present were address by station commander, Brigadier Hansraj who also fielded questions.
Captain Brink reported that the largest type of crime still committed within sectors 1 and 4 remains theft out of motor vehicle, while in sector 6 the prevalent crime reported is common robbery.  The modus operandi remains a spark plug to break car windows and remote jamming.  On behalf of the detectives, Captain Marx encouraged the public to be aware of their surroundings.  He also reported an increase in the amount of fraudulent cases being opened for insurance purposes. A request was made to the public that when reporting a crime, to provide as much  information as possible during the interview stage in order to assist detectives.  Ending the session off Brigadier Hansraj briefly spoke of partnership policing and the move for more co-ordinated and structured planning.   
A reminder that there is an open invitation to you to join our open CPF meetings. These take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 08:00. The meetings are held at the Akker Hall, Central Police Station, Buitenkant Street. As the first Tuesday in May is a public holiday, we will communicate the new date via email. 
Our Executive meets on the third Monday of each month at 17:30 and we would love you to join us. Drop us an e-mail to volunteer!
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treet muggings in the City Bowl seem to have been on the rise recently. Yet, most victims, too happy to come out of these unharmed, fail to report the incidents to the SAPS.
Phoning Caledon Square or just another SAPS instance will not help: you need to lodge a complaint if these incidents are to be curbed and the criminals arrested.
Call 021 467 8001/6

A police officer will come to you
and help you open a case without your having to go to Caledon Square.
Remember: when suspects are arrested with stolen property, the SAPS has no way of returning it to its rightful owner if they do not know whose it is... for that they need a case to have been opened.

Please, don't be a victim twice: help the muggers be arrested by reporting incidents to the above number and opening a case. If you don't, it's as if the incident never happened. And a friend, relative or one or your teen children could be yet another victim. Or you (don't confuse crime and lightning!)

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