On the 14th August the total Dam levels were only 31 % and are EXTREMELY LOW. Even after the rain the problems are not over yet. At these levels we could still face severe rationing as the last 10% is unpumpable.
The PDF document attached at the bottom of this page has the details of the City's Water restrictions:
All households should not be using more than 100 litres per person per day, and the target is 50 litres pppd

Theewaterskloof Dam almost without the 'waters'.

Invasive Alien Vegetation is a serious problem in South Africa, where it usually has a negative impact on our scarce water resources. Click on the images below to see a larger picture to help you identify the Good and the Bad. The trouble is that 'Ugly' is missing because invasive alien plants often look attractive, which is why people plant them!

One of CIBRA's members (Mike Jennings) has written a review of the Alien Vegetation situation which you can read by clicking on the Word document titled 'CIBRA Invasive alien plants in and around Cape Town May 2015' in the list below:
Below is a list of useful documents to view and download, and under that a list of Internet links to more documents and some Websites of interest. NB please also look at our Waste Recycling page as waste disposal is a massive problem.


We regret that the City has altered their website and all the old links to documents no longer work.
The headings below should be entered into the search block on the City website 
which will then show the relevant material for Environment documents, maps and pamphlets:

CCT Nature Reserves booklet:

CCT Nature Reserves Pamphlet:

CCT Nature Reserves Webpage:

 Air Quality booklet:

Company Gardens self guided walk map:

Centre for Environmental Rights website:

Dictionary of Environmental words website page:

Enviroworks Newsletter webpage:

Understanding Baboons leaflet:

Mitigation measures against Shark attacks document:

Shark based Tourism and encounters document:

Tips on Shark Safety document:

White Shark Facts document:

CT unique Biodiversity Vegetation document:

Important Taxa of the vegetation types document:

List of Endemic species document:

List of threatened species document:

Tree management policy document:

Integrated Metropolitan Environmental Policy document:

Cape Town Green Map website:

Parks development Policy document:

Public Parks By-Law document: