Social Matters

The City as done some research into the problem of Street people and their PDF report is attached at the bottom of this page.

This City Campaign is worth supporting.

Instead of handing money and food to vagrants and beggars at the traffic lights, 

donate to the Charities that do something positive to look after such people and help 

rehabilitate them. 


City of Cape Town Social Services phone numbers:
Alcohol and Drug Helpline: 0800 435 748
Social Development Children: 0800 220 250 (i.e. to get help for Street Children)
Social Development Adults: 0800 872 201
NB The above City number is a dedicated 24hr HOTLINE for Displaced Persons
(also known as Street People, The Homeless, and Down and Outs)  
Proposed Safe Space at Culemborg for the Homeless Street People:
 Aerial view of the proposed site
 Artists impression of the Shelter
Cllr. J.P.Smith is planning for this facility, but the project is delayed as one resident submitted an objection and the City now have to follow due process.
This information is courtesy of the Oranjezicht/Higgovale Neighbourhood Watch


Residents of OH Watch have raised their concerns about the area called "Stroompie", which is the informal settlement next to Stor-Age/De Waal Drive. DPVwatch  engage with the city on a regular basis about a solution for this. Law Enforcement is there on a regular basis removing structures but there is a limit to what they can do, and one can’t simply just remove people. The Mayco Member for Assets and Facilities has been engaging and prioritising this issue and there has been progress. The land is “owned” by the city but they are not able to do what they like with it as they are the custodians for the District 6 Land Restitution Trust, whose land it really is. The city has brokered a lease agreement with Trafalgar School who would like to take over this piece of land, rehabilitate it and use it for sports facilities. However, the entire process has been bottle-necked with the District 6 Land Claims Trust. Since this is their land, they need to sign off on this lease arrangement. That is where the process has halted.

The Carpenter’s Shop in Roeland Street, Gardens has operated on these premises for over forty years and provide vocational training and social care to hundreds of homeless and unemployed individuals in the City Bowl. Recently, they have embarked on a number of social enterprises to ensure the sustainability of the organisation and programmes. They would like to improve their visibility in the Gardens area specifically, and are looking at ways to market their services and enterprises. Their  website can be found at
Please note that they are no longer manufacturing wooden items but the Carpentry refurbishment section is still running. Please find attached an updated outline of the work of the organisation. and currently only Car washing is provided. It is a Word document outlining the Case Statement for providing the Carwashing service as vocational training, and is attached at the bottom of this page.
Don't know if to give money to beggars on the street who say they are hungry? Give 5 or 10 cents and tell them to go to the Service Dining Rooms for a meal:

A 2 page PDF with full details of the NGO's and this map is available for download in the box below:

Social Matters documents