There has been an increase in arrests recently of chain snatchers operating within the CBD. 
Please be mindful of not flashing valuables when walking in the CBD. 
Please inform your family and friends as well​.

Police are urging the community to report all crime, no matter how small, as soon as possible, and give all relevant information.  This is to ensure that the police are aware of all incidences for deployment purposes.
It is of no use to report crime via social media and not report it to the Police.
We need to emphasize again the importance of not leaving valuables visible in your vehicle.
Although breaking into cars via the remote jamming method is occasionally reported there has been an increase in the breaking of car windows to steal whatever can be found inside. 

SA POLICE CENTRAL CITY - phone 021 467 8001/2 (24 hours)

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The Cape Town Community Police Forum (CPF) is the body that links SAPS and the community. This is their monthly newsletter. However the volunteer Chair and members who do the secretarial work and newsletter change frequently and one casualty seems to be the newsletter which has not been updated for some time. 

Suppression, intervention
and prevention

As we know all too well..

... fighting crime is a complex and challenging task. 
Supression, intervention and prevention is all in a day's work for our members in blue and fellow law enforcement colleagues.

With this is mind the Cape Town Community Police Forum initiated CRIME FREE NIGHT.  It's intention is to partner with SAPS, law enforcement, and various other security agencies and role players within our city to try and  achieve the objective of ... a safer city for us all.

Cape Town Central station hosted crime free nights in June and July.  Our crime warriors braved the cold chill by turning up in numbers and truly making the nights in question CRIME FREE. 

With June having been youth month we also report back on the SAPS Holiday programme held in the Zonnebloem neighbourhood this year.

Last but definitely not least, we report on the opening of the City of Cape Town's Safe Spaces initiative and it's expected impact on the city's vagrancy and homelessness issue.

till next time....stay safe!

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27/07/2018: Based upon a complaint received and a visit by SAPS, Club Vanilla in Harrington Street was duly closed.  The night staff manager was apprehended and a fine was issued in terms of the Western Cape Liquor Act for not adhering to the prescribed time of serving alcohol to patrons after (02:00 am).

The manager of the Club had been previously warned for not adhering to the  Western Cape Liquor Act.  This due to the number of complaints received from tenants in the building regarding noise levels and the unruly behaviour of the pubs clientele during the early morning hours both inside and outside the building.


The Police Officer of the Month (POM) award was initiated by the CTCPF to  recognise and thank those SAPS members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. If you wish to nominate a SAPS member for exceptional service, please submit your nomination by the 25th of each month.


*C-R-I-M-E * F-R-E-E * N-I-G-H-T*

Part 1

On Friday 28 June 2018, The Cape Town Community Police Forum in collaboration with Cape Town Central SAPS, organised a crime free night within our precinct.  This initiative saw the working together of SAPS, Law Enforcement, Neighbourhood watches, Traffic services, Security agencies, Central Improvements Districts and the SAPS tactical and dog units in the fight against crime.

With these forces united it was bound to be a success as no crime was reported as received by SAPS on the night.

Members worked from 21:00 until 05:00 the next morning.

Various arrests were made which included:
8 arrests for persons being in possession of drugs such as dagga, cocaine, crystal meth and Whoonga.
3 persons were arrested for possession of car breaking implements, possession of dangerous weapons and suspected stolen property.

Visible check points were done at strategic locations across the city.
A whopping 380 fines were issued by traffic services.
4 arrests were made for driving under the influence.

  Arrested suspects were taken into police custody at Cape Town Central Police Station where they remained until their first court appearance.

*C-R-I-M-E * F-R-E-E * N-I-G-H-T*

Part 2

On Friday 27th July 2018 a second Crime Free night was held. Based upon the succes of it's predecessor, SAPS Cluster management requested a second operation in the month of July.

During that time Cape Central Police Station conducted Crime Prevention with other various security role players which included 28 SAPS Members, 64 CCID members , 28 Law Enforcement,4 Metro Police,2 GPOK CID members, 59 Neighbourhood watch members, 14 ADT members and 7 Traffic officials.

6 RoadBlocks
90 Vehicles
165 Persons
350 fines were issued valuing R238 600.00
17 Suspects Morpho PIVA
4 Pubs were checked
8 Night Clubs were checked
287 People stopped and searched
3 Written Warnings issued to pubs
1 Pub was issued a fine of R1500 and simultaneously closed

38 drug arrests
1 arrest for possession of car breaking implements
2 illegal immigrants arrested
1 arrest for theft out off motor vehicle
1 arrest for drunk driving
4 arrested for possession of stolen property
1 Drug dealer arrested


On Wednesday 25 July 218 around 09:30, Cst Misha Beare, Sgt Ricardo Laver and Sgt Sibongile Tyelingane while on a motorcycle patrol in the Vredehoek Residential Area, received an alert via the LPR Alert System that a Grey Polo Vivo, with
registration no: CA 194-466, had entered Vredehoek and upper-Buitenkant Street. The vehicle was flagged as having been possibly involved in housebreaking within the Parow Area.

Law Enforcement Officer Ryan Morris, joined the group. While searching they spotted the vehicle in Aintree Road, where a passenger exited the vehicle and proceeded to scout various residential premises.  The SAPS members continued to monitor the vehicle while they were waited for back-up into Culver Street.

Four foreign nationals were subsequently arrested. Upon searching the individuals,  pepper sprays inside the pockets of two suspects were found and in the car they found several large screwdrivers on the passenger seat as well as a chisel under the steering wheel. The suspects were arrested for being in possession of housebreaking implements at Cape Town Central station.

On further investigation it was found that the suspects were wanted on outstanding cases of housebreaking in Wynberg, Parow and Durban.  One of the suspects was wanted for escaping out of Police Custody in Bollair Durban CAS: 85/08/2009.


Between 9 – 13 July, the Social Crime team at Cape Town central held a holiday programme for kids within the Zonnebloem area. With the assistance of Chapel Street Primary, community members and various other NGO’s, about 40 to 50 kids were treated each day to various play activities, educational /safety programmes, movies, breakfast and lunch. 

The safety talks included topics such as bullying and cyberbullying, drugs and gangsterism, sexual harassment as well as safety tips and finger prints were done with The Pink Ladies.  With the assistance of two youth volunteers, fitness education was also brooched.  On the final day of the programme each child was presented with a surprise pack to take home as a gift from the Cape Town central Police.


Our Executive meets on the third Monday of each month at 17:30 and we would love you to join us. Drop us an e-mail to volunteer!
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treet muggings in the City Bowl seem to have been on the rise recently. Yet, most victims, too happy to come out of these unharmed, fail to report the incidents to the SAPS.
Phoning Caledon Square or just another SAPS instance will not help: you need to lodge a complaint if these incidents are to be curbed and the criminals arrested.
Call 021 467 8001/6

A police officer will come to you
and help you open a case without your having to go to Caledon Square.
Remember: when suspects are arrested with stolen property, the SAPS has no way of returning it to its rightful owner if they do not know whose it is... for that they need a case to have been opened.

Please, don't be a victim twice: help the muggers be arrested by reporting incidents to the above number and opening a case. If you don't, it's as if the incident never happened. And a friend, relative or one or your teen children could be yet another victim. Or you (don't confuse crime and lightning!)

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