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The final ward 77 map from the City showing our new area since the creation of Ward 115 is shown lower on this page. However you can't zoom in enough to see street names, but most are visible on the Jan 2016 PDF version in the Ward Delimitation proposals and debate 2015 Box at the bottom of this page. The Final Ward 77 and Ward 115 maps are titled WardMap_CPT_77 Jan 2016.pdf and WardMap_CPT_ 115 Jan 2016.pdf respectively.


Report back on the Ward 77 committee meeting of the 11th April 2018

1. CoCT Water consumption update:

Whilst daily consumption fluctuates, the trend lately has been for an increase as residents have taken the moving back of ‘Day Zero’ as a sign that the situation is not so dire… This increase can only serve top move Day Zero forward. It stood last week at 516 million litres pert day,falling far short of the target of 450 million  litres.

 The City has budgeted 19 billion Rands over 5 years for water augmentation projects (see the proposed tariffs from the 1st of July…). National government has promised, first 20 million Rands (!), then added a further 120 million Rands - none of which have been received by the City yet. On the other hand, the government reduced the City’s municipal allocation by R175 million… leaving the City effectively R 35 million Rands poorer. 

2. Parks:

There is a proposal to rename the Van Riebeeck Park to Plateklip Park once it has been upgraded. 

City Bowl parks have been allocated an extra R100.000 out of the annual ward allocation for maintenance.

 3.  Concerts in De Waal Park:

These are a growing concern as concert organisers underestimate (deliberately or not) the probable number of attendees, with environmental and social impact. The last major concert there saw both alcohol and drugs consumed, both prohibited in municipal parks. 

4.  Pedestrian lanes: 

Sadly, Ummah Close, Trek Road steps and Justice Walk passages are to be fenced and closed due to residents’ complaints over antisocial and criminal behaviour there. 

Hildene Steps and Gilmourhill Rd. steps are also scheduled to be closed. 

The closure of these pedestrian passages or steps are a much debated subject. Unfortunately, some are in such disagreeable state being used as loos by the homeless that pedestrians tend to avoid them now. 

5.  Security and crime: 

DPV neighbourhood watch has reported a spate of cars having their wheels stolen during the night; this is also taking place in Sea Point. Whilst cars parked in streets are the main target, some parked off-street are also being targeted.

DPV also warmed about con-men posing as CoCT employees or as workers working on an adjacent property to access properties and steal whatever they can in an instant. The rule is: always verify the bona fide of any unknown person before letting him (or her) on your property. Check with the City or your neighbour.


Our new sub-council 16 chairman is Matthew Kempthorne who takes over from Dimitri Qually who retired. Sub Council 16 comprises Wards 54/57/74/77/115. Matthew is a Capetownian who says the key issues are traffic congestion, affordable housing, and the balance between residents, commuters, and tourists. Other issues are security, sustainability, smart living, re-cycling, and protection of our unique environment.


The City Councillor for our Ward 77 is Brandon Golding:

Due to changes instituted by the Municipal Demarcation Board, the geographical composition of the ward has changed. In practice this means that Ward 77 is now largely a residential ward comprising the areas of Bo Kaap, Tamboerskloof, Higgovale, Oranjezicht, Vredehoek, Devil’s Peak, High Cape, part of Lower Gardens and District Six.
Cllr Brandon Golding
Councillor: Ward 77 – City of Cape Town
Tel:  082 565 0828

Note that the old ward 77 is now split into a smaller Ward 77 and a new Ward 115 comprising the central CBD and environs.
For Demographic information about  Ward 77 use this Internet Link: 
For Demographic information about  Ward 115 use this Internet Link:
A new ward, Ward 115, was introduced in the City Bowl for the 2016municipal elections. Registered voters vote in the Voting District to which they have been assigned (usually that closest to their place of residence). Displayed here are the new ward boundaries and you can either log onto the IEC website at and type in your address to see which voting station you must now use, OR SMS your ID to 32810 and you will be told if you are registered and at which voting station.
A detailed map may be viewed if you use the PDF in the Ward delimitation box below as it allows for zooming in to see street names clearly. The PDF is titled AAA Final Ward 77 map August 2016.
There are also PDF's of Ward 77 and Ward 115 at the very bottom of this page for viewing or downloading.
Here is the one for our Ward 77 which shows the various Voting districts. You can click on it to get the larger image and can then zoom in to see details.

Ward Delimitation proposals and debate 2015

Ward Delimitation 2015