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Report on our Ward 77 Committee meeting of the 22nd March 2017

1.   The ward committee is not as representative as was hoped for, as some sectors have not submitted candidates. Current representation is based on that of the previous ward committee, where still applicable. However, 2 new representatives for vulnerable people NGOs are to join the committee.

2.   The City Bowl has the highest density of homeless & vagrants in Cape Town. The City is looking at creating 8 “safe places” around the metro for these, where they could have a place to sleep at night (only), storage facilities during the day, ablutions, laundry & cooking facilities as well as support services. This is still at the concept stage, with a pilot site being budgeted for somewhere in the CBD 

3.   There are few green spaces for the growing population and they need to be looked after if they are to remain viable.

 4.   Crime in the City Bowl impacts both residents & tourists and it is on the increase. Unfortunately, too many victims, especially tourists, do not lodge complaints, so the perpetrators are free to continue. It is stressed that everyone must report crimes to SAPS and pursue the matter to its conclusion if we are to reduce crime.

 Neighbourhood watches are struggling to keep up with the growth in crime. Besides, burglaries and muggings, drugs and thefts out of cars are very much on the increase as well.

 Black spots are: around the Gardens Centre after dark, Bo-Kaap, Kloof Street, Upper Mill Street, and Dunkley Square.

 5.   All access points to the Table Mountain National Park from the City Bowl are in Ward 77, which results in growing traffic problems.

 6.   C3 complaints: these can be monitored on line - click on “Check my C3” (C3 is the City's designation for any municipal service complaints or problems. They can be lodged in various ways, but preferably on-line on the City website)

 Issues raised:

 7.   The issue of the two pending and long delayed HPOZs, Vredehoek & Bo-Kaap, was raised yet again. Cllr. Golding undertook to take the matter up with the City.

8.   Building sites are consistently flaunting site management rules and applicable by-laws. The building inspector(s) seem absent. 

9.   Liquor licences: Complaints need to be sent to the Liquor Board; SAPS; the CPF for the City Bowl. The contacts are as follows:

10.   Concerts in De Waal Park: these have become very popular; however, their popularity exceeds the park’s capacity. There were some 10.000 people at the 19th of March concert, with the predictable traffic, parking, cleansing and toilet problems. Cllr. Golding indicated he would raise the matter at the City and lodge a formal objection to further concerts of that magnitude. One hopes he is successful.

 11.  Molteno reservoir water works: the facility is a heritage site but in urgent need of restoration. A proposal was seen by CIBRA last year and supported, which would allow for a portion of the site to be open to the pubic. Work is scheduled to begin this year.

 12.  Cllr Golding is not keen to have the Ward committee meet monthly and proposed to hold these every two months for the time being.


The final ward 77 map from the City showing our new area since the creation of Ward 115 is shown lower on this page. However you can't zoom in enough to see street names, but most are visible on the Jan 2016 PDF version also in the Box at the bottom of this page.


Our new sub-council 16 chairman is Matthew Kempthorne who takes over from Dimitri Qually who retired. Sub Council 16 comprises Wards 54/57/74/77/115. Matthew is a Capetownian who says the key issues are traffic congestion, affordable housing, and the balance between residents, commuters, and tourists. Other issues are security, sustainability, smart living, re-cycling, and protection of our unique environment.

On Wednesday the 8th February, Sub-council16, of which our ward 77 is part, convened an inaugural meeting of the combined 5 ward committees for the sub-council - one for each ward.

Ward Committees make recommendations to the ward councillor and the sub-council, act as a communication channel between the sub-council and the residents, assist in decision on the annual ward allocations (currently R700.000), report and monitor service delivery, comment on by-laws, policies, budgets, etc. They meet monthly.

Each ward committee is allocated 10 seats, plus one for the ward councillor acting as its chair. Each seat is allocated to one sector: civics, school, religious establishments, security, vulnerable groups, etc, arts & culture, environment, etc. The sectors represented are flexible to reflect the needs and character of each ward.

There are also 2 observers: the proportional councillor (nominated, not elected), and a member of the Junior Council. (note: the Cape Metro currently has 116 wards, with 116 elected ward councillors and the same number of party-nominated councillors.)

All ward councils last as long as the municipality’s legislature, i.e. 5 years.

Ward 77’s ward committee has currently 7 seats filled, with 3 more in the process of being filled. Sadly, we have lost the opportunity to interact at that level with representatives of the various arts & culture establishments or organisations, all of which are now within Ward 115.

On the occasion of this inaugural meeting, it was pointed out that Sub-council 16, which comprises Sea Point/Camps Bay, Observatory/Rosebank/Mowbray, Llandudno/Hout Bay, the CBD/Waterfront/Green Point/Mouille Point and the residential City Bowl accounts for some 40 % of business generated in the entire Cape Metro area, though most, predictably, in Ward 115.

Sub-council 16 is part of District 1, one of four districts recently created, each headed by a councillor who also sits on the mayoral committee (MayCo). District 1 extends from Hout Bay to Mamre to the North and south-east of Malmesbury.


The Atlantic Sun introduced the new City Councillor for our Ward 77 - Brandon Golding:

Thank you to the residents of Ward 77 for voting on the 3rd August and granting the Democratic Alliance another 5 year mandate to manage the ward and the City. As the new ward councillor I am raring to go and build on the successes of my predecessors. 
As a background, due to changes instituted by the Municipal Demarcation Board, the geographical composition of the ward has changed. In practice this means that Ward 77 is now largely a residential ward comprising the areas of Bo Kaap, Tamboerskloof, Higgovale, Oranjezicht, Vredehoek, Devil’s Peak, High Cape, part of Lower Gardens and District Six.
The success of Cape Town, its popularity as a destination and the associated developmental pressures have an effect on the residents of the Upper Table Valley. Urban densification is rapidly increasing in a heritage rich area .I believe that where development occurs, it should be done in consultation with the existing communities and stakeholders and be cognisant of the heritage impacts. I hope to work and communicate with all the respective role players in this sphere to better understand and inform.
With increased growth comes mounting traffic and parking congestion. I believe it imperative that growth planning, better traffic management and an accessible and connected public transport infrastructure is key to the future of the ward.
In the spirit of providing a healthy and fun place to live, I will continue advocating the better utilisation and upgrading of public open spaces, be they parks, sports fields or the Table Mountain green belt. Providing a safe environment for all is of paramount importance and I will therefore strive to further capacitate community safety and social development structures. While there are strong neighbourhood watch structures within ward 77, there is always room for growth and better cooperation between all role players.
While we have residents from all socioeconomic groups, special attention needs to be given to those less fortunate or vulnerable. This may take the form of advocating the City’s rates rebate programme to driving the Give Responsibly campaign. Homelessness is a social issues with a social cause and remedy – it cannot solely be dealt with as a safety issue.
Many have heard me espousing the My City principle, which I hold dear. This is in essence based on us taking ownership of our areas and city. To this end it is my intention to strongly engage with community leaders, residents, organisations and other civic grouping to focus on local issues and concerns and to provide feedback on and to receive input into ward and City policy and plans.
I may have opinions and visions, of my own, for the future but it is the collective opinions and visions of the residents that I need to represent. I ask therefore that residents engage with me so that I may truly represent them and lend credence to the City of Cape Town’s slogan: ‘Making progress possible. Together.’

Cllr Brandon Golding
Councillor: Ward 77 – City of Cape Town
Tel:  082 565 0828
Note that the old ward 77 is now split into a smaller Ward 77 and a new Ward 115 comprising the central CBD and environs.
For Demographic information about  Ward 77 use this Internet Link: 
For Demographic information about  Ward 115 use this Internet Link:
A new ward, Ward 115, was introduced in the City Bowl for the 2016municipal elections. Registered voters vote in the Voting District to which they have been assigned (usually that closest to their place of residence). Displayed here are the new ward boundaries and you can either log onto the IEC website at and type in your address to see which voting station you must now use, OR SMS your ID to 32810 and you will be told if you are registered and at which voting station.
A detailed map may be viewed if you use the PDF in the Ward delimitation box below as it allows for zooming in to see street names clearly. The PDF is titled AAA Final Ward 77 map August 2016.
There are also PDF's of Ward 77 and Ward 115 at the very bottom of this page for viewing or downloading.
Here is the one for our Ward 77 which shows the various Voting districts. You can click on it to get the larger image and can then zoom in to see details.

Ward Delimitation proposals and debate 2015

Ward Delimitation 2015

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Feb 15, 2017, 2:40 AM
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