Internet Links to City Services and Info

City of Cape Town COMPLAINTS:
Please first try one of the City numbers below: 
 All queries:           0860 103 089

Noise:   Log a call at the City’s 24-hour emergency centre:      021  596 1999

            and ask for a call reference No.

 For persistent noise over a period: call the Environment Health Dept.  021 514 4136

            8h00-16h00 quoting the reference No. (see above).

 or:   email: OR

 Note: be prepared to give a sworn affidavit for the report

Events & Film Shoots:  Call the City’s 24-hour emergency centre:   021  596 1999

            and ask for a call reference No.

 or:    call the City’s Events Office 8h00-16h00       021 417 4035

or:    e-mail or phone him at:     084.572 0290

or:    call Terrenve Isaacs on the 24h00 line at:    084 900 0145

Sedan Taxis:

Habitual double-parking and obstructing traffic or parking on yellow/red lines:  call the City’s 24-hour emergency centre & ask for a call reference No.  021  596 1999

Liquor Licence:

Objecting to a proposed opening of a venue or the renewal of a liquor licence?

 1.   Look up liquor licence applications on the CPF (Community Police Forum) website at:

2.   Compile a detailed complaint, providing photographic evidence,times, dates where applicable;

3.   E-mail complaint to:  Area Liquor Forum:                                                    

                                 Liquor athority:

                                 SAPS Designated Liquor Office:

                                 OR The appropriate ward councillor

Dumping:        (7h30 to 17h00)      0860 103 089

Cable Theft:                  (7h30 to 17h00)   0800 222 771

Traffic Signal Faults:    (7h30 to 17h00)       086 000 1948

Electricity:      0860 103 089

                  (office hours)

Water & Sanitation:  sms to 31373 or:   0860 103 089                      

Solid Waste:   sms to 31373  or:    0860 103 089

If you do NOT get a satisfactory response please use this  link to go to the City website  to make a Service Delivery Request /C3, by computer or smart phone:

or SMS 31373 for any City / Council related problem:

This works well for  repairing broken streetlights, electricity outages, water leaks, potholes, missing road signs and manhole covers and  has had fairly good response from the city in solving them.

Internet Links to City Services and Information:

The headings for documents below should be copied and then click on the City website link here 

and when it opens up enter what you have copied into the search block on the City website which will then show the relevant material.

CoCT Services:

 City Tariff Policies document of 29 May 2015

 City Water By-Law document of 2010

 Central Library
One of the services provided by the City of Cape Town Libraries is Free Encyclopaedia Britannica access. For full info on how to get this free service on your Computer, pick up a pamphlet at your local library.

CoCT Rates:

 City  Rates By-Law document

 City Rates Policy 21144B of 2015 document

CoCT Property Valuations:

 City Property Valuations

 City By-Laws

 City Local Govt. services

 City 'Have your say'

 City  Council Policies

 City  Events Policy document

 City extended liquor trading hours document

 City Public participation for Subcouncils document

 City  Annual Reports

 City Useful Contact numbers