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Public called to comment on draft Water Amendment By-law

The City of Cape Town urges members of the public to comment on the draft Water Amendment By-law which, it is hoped, will further enhance Cape Town’s ability to become a more water-sensitive and resilient city in the future. Read more below:

Thus, key proposals now include:

·         reducing the demand on the municipal water supply by expanding the regulations on alternative water use and efficient plumbing fittings

·         enhancing enforcement measures for plumbers within the metro 

·         strengthening the requirements for sub-metering on properties that have multiple accommodation units

Members of the public may view the proposed by-law at subcouncil offices and at


Comments may be sent to until 8 January 2018.



 Day Zero: when is it, what is it, and how can we avoid it?

In October I said that if consumption is not reduced to 500 million litres of collective usage per day – or put plainly: every Capetonian uses no more than 87 litres each per day – we were looking at about March 2018 when supply of municipal water would not be available.


I am pleased to announce that due to the efforts of the City of Cape Town and the residents of Cape Town, Day Zero has moved to 13 May 2018. Many Capetonians have heeded the call to reduce their consumption dramatically and we thank you.


The City is also doing its bit. As we bring additional supply online from February onwards with more new water coming online in the months thereafter, Day Zero will be pushed further.


We have already brought additional water from the Molteno Reservoir in Oranjezicht and the Atlantis Aquifer, with two million and five million litres per day from these sources respectively.


At this stage, there are seven projects already under way in the first phase. These are Monwabisi, Strandfontein, the V&A Waterfront, and Cape Town Harbour desalination plants; the Atlantis and Cape Flats Aquifer projects; and the Zandvliet water recycling project that will be producing an additional 144 million litres per day between February and July, with the yield from these projects rising incrementally in the months thereafter. In addition, we have12 projects in the advanced stage of planning that are ready to proceed if required.


But this can only work if everyone plays their part: residents and the City.


As part of my commitment to communicate more frequently on the City’s plans and preparedness, today I want to bring you into my confidence and tell you precisely what will happen if we reach Day Zero.


To keep essential services and vital industry running, we have calculated that at 13,5% dam storage the City will turn off almost all tap. This is Day Zero.


Some key areas will be prioritised to stay connected, but these areas will be extremely limited. The areas which will stay connected will be the majority of densely populated informal settlements. Decisions about which areas remain connected will be based on factors such as critical infrastructure, population density, and risk profile for disease outbreak and fires.


On Day Zero:

·         Residents will have to collect a predefined quantity of drinking water per person per day from approximately 200 sites collection sites across the city. The quantity will be based on the minimum requirements for people to maintain health and hygiene. At the moment, the plan is that we will distribute 25 litres per person per day which is in line with the World Health Organisation recommendation

·         We are working on an estimation of up to 20 000 people per site per day

·         Based on demand, we are considering extended or 24-hour operations at these sites

·         The City’s Water and Sanitation Department especially will be considering the impact on sanitation services. An extensive public health communication campaign will be mounted in advance to ensure that all sanitation systems continue to function and limit the risk of disease

·         The City’s Water and Sanitation Department, City law enforcement teams, and the Disaster Risk Management Section are conducting preparedness exercises to be ready should Day Zero come

·         The City is consulting with the South African Police Service and the National Defence Force to ensure the safety of residents at these sites and maintain general law and order. Today teams are testing how a real water collection point will work. This is one of many preparedness exercises that the City is undertaking


Day Zero can be avoided. Capetonians have done amazing work to save water. Most residents are saving water but we need every single person to use the prescribed 87 litres per person per day. If we don’t have everyone restricting their water consumption, we will reach Day Zero in May.


The City is doing everything it can, we are working around the clock and pursuing all possibilities, and we are getting advice from experts to deliver on our plan to produce additional water from multiple sources between February and July next year.


This plan to avoid Day Zero will only work if we all stay on track, if residents keep saving, and if we do everything in our might to keep the augmentation plan on track and moving.


I will do my part, leading a team of dedicated staff who are working extremely long hours to bring additional water online.


Cape Town, the situation is serious, but we can make it if we all do our utmost in partnership. We can avoid Day Zero by working together.

 Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

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Comment on the drought charge
5 December 2017 - 12 January 2018

30 November -16 December: Volvo Ocean Race, V&A Waterfront
The 13th edition of the around-the-world Volvo Ocean Race stops off in Cape Town. Join the festivities and watch the yachts arrive at the race village.
17 December, 15:00 - 18:00: Concert in the Park Chart-topping South African pop singer Jimmy Nevis will perform at 2017’s final Concert in the Park in De Waal Park. Round up the family, bring along a picnic basket and unwind together over some great music. The event is free. 17 - 23 December, 17:00 - 23:00: Cape Town Summer Market, Company's Gardens The uniquely Capetonian festive season tradition will feature market stalls along Government Avenue and live bands at the Paddocks in Government Avenue. Parking allowed in Queen Victoria Street and surrounds. For more information, contact 021 821 7868.

The City of Cape Town has a new Service Delivery and Complaints Centre: 

Accounts and General Enquiries, such as Water, Electricity, Solid Waste, Accounts Enquiries, Valuations, Creditors Accounts, Traffic Fines, Motor Vehicle Registration, etc| or @CityofCT on Twitteror phone 0860 103089 (between 07:30 to 17:00).

This C3 electronic reporting system ensures that your contact is logged & a reference number will track progress.You can also log it yourself:


Enquiries and/or complaints regarding :Burst and Leaking Water Mains, Faulty and Leaking water meters, Blocked and overflowing sewers, etc. can also be sent via SMS to 31373 | Electricity fault reporting, Power outages; Pre-paid meter queries can also be sent via SMS to 31220.


All Emergency complaints should be directed to the Public Emergency Communications Centre (PECC), also called 107, on the telephone number 107 (from a landline), 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or @pecc107 on Twitter.

They record and track all calls and will immediately mobilise the correct emergency service(s).

The City have changed their ONLINE SERVICE REQUEST link (C3)
                        - click this link
 to report all Municipal Faults
The City has a dedicated 24hr HOTLINE for Displaced Persons (aka vagrants, street people)  - 0800 87 22 01 

City of Cape Town COMPLAINTS:
Please first try one of the City numbers below: 
 All queries:           0860 103 089

Noise:   Log a call at the City’s 24-hour emergency centre:      021  596 1999

            and ask for a call reference No.

 For persistent noise over a period: call the Environment Health Dept.  021 514 4136

            8h00-16h00 quoting the reference No. (see above).

 or:   email: OR

 Note: be prepared to give a sworn affidavit for the report

Events & Film Shoots:  Call the City’s 24-hour emergency centre:   021  596 1999

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or:    e-mail or phone him at:     084.572 0290

or:    call Terrenve Isaacs on the 24h00 line at:    084 900 0145

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Habitual double-parking and obstructing traffic or parking on yellow/red lines:  call the City’s 24-hour emergency centre & ask for a call reference No.  021  596 1999

Liquor Licence:

Objecting to a proposed opening of a venue or the renewal of a liquor licence?

 1.   Look up liquor licence applications on the CPF (Community Police Forum) website at:

2.   Compile a detailed complaint, providing photographic evidence,times, dates where applicable;

3.   E-mail complaint to:  Area Liquor Forum:                                                    

                                 Liquor athority:

                                 SAPS Designated Liquor Office:

                                 OR The appropriate ward councillor

Dumping:        (7h30 to 17h00)      0860 103 089

Cable Theft:                  (7h30 to 17h00)   0800 222 771

Traffic Signal Faults:    (7h30 to 17h00)       086 000 1948

Electricity:      0860 103 089

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Water & Sanitation:  sms to 31373 or:   0860 103 089                      

Solid Waste:   sms to 31373  or:    0860 103 089

If you do NOT get a satisfactory response please use this  link to go to the City website  to make a Service Delivery Request /C3, by computer or smart phone:

or SMS 31373 for any City / Council related problem:

This works well for  repairing broken streetlights, electricity outages, water leaks, potholes, missing road signs and manhole covers and  has had fairly good response from the city in solving them.
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