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CIBRA Committee

To contact the CIBRA committee please Email citybowlratepayers@gmail.com 

The Committee meet once a month and you should receive a reply to your query after that.

The minutes of CIBRA's Exco meetings are placed at the bottom of this page once confirmed.

PS for those of you too young to know the old joke: A Camel is a Horse designed by a Committee!

The following Committee Members were elected via eMail at the 2020 AGM during May. It is with great sadness and regret that we have to announce that Mr. Patrick Labrosse was not available for re-election as he died at home on 9th June 2019 after a protracted illness. Mr. Labrosse was a tireless worker for the community of the City Bowl, with a great knowledge and love for our priceless architectural heritage that is gradually being lost. Please read the tribute to him in the Word document at the very bottom of this page. 
 The late Patrick Labrosse on his arrival in South Africa.

Additionally our Secretary of many years, Gregor Leigh, has reluctantly had to step down due to extensive other commitments. Gregor has been a tireless worker and a tower of strength on the CIBRA committee and will be sorely missed. We wish him and his family all the best for the future. A tribute to him was included in our AGM presentation, and he was presented subsequently with a suitable memento in recognition of his service.





 Marcell Schuchardt 


Martin Kromat             


Anna Borchers (Taylor) volunteered and was Co-Opted


Barry Smith                 

Anne Taylor  

Our Ward 77 Councillor introduces himself:

        Brandon Golding - Ward 77


        Mobile: 082 565 0828

I was born and raised in Cape Town. I have lived in the City Bowl for 12 years and have been an active member of the DA for 7 of those years. Besides political activity, I am one of the founder members of the Gardens Neighbourhood Watch and through this involvement have been an active member of The Cape Town Community Policing Forum for about 8 years, having served as both the Chairperson and the Cluster Chairperson, which extended my responsibility from Camps Bay to Langa.

 I have previously worked as a business process engineer and software architect, but will now focus on the role of Ward Councillor.

I believe that active citizenry enables better governance. I therefore encourage all residents to engage with civic structures such as CIBRA so that their voice may be heard and so that the elected public representative may better serve their communities.

Ward Councillor for Ward 115 (CBD) 

Currently vacant (Oct 2020) until next bye-election as Dave Bryant has been promoted to MP

Note that mail to him will be answered by the secretariat for Ward 115.

Dave Bryant
 Ward 115


Mobile: 071 855 9554  

Dave Bryant was previously our Ward 77 Councillor, and CIBRA will still be liaising with him over heritage matters in the Ward 115 area. Dave has also stated that he intends to give attention to the problems of homeless people on our streets.

PR Councillor for Bo-Kaap and District 5

   Sumaya Taliep Ward 77


Sumaya Taliep is a PR City Councillor residing in Devil's Peak which forms part of Ward 77.  Her role is to support the ward councillor with service delivery issues in the ward, and is assigned to the Bo-Kaap and District Six area with special  attention to improving service delivery. She will be working closely with the  local community to find sustainable ways to meet their social, economic and material needs and improve the quality of their lives.


Once ratified the Minutes of CIBRA's committee meetings are available to read in the box below. Use the scroll bar to access them all.     

CIBRA Exco Minutes

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