Cape Town has changed a lot since 1854, but CIBRA is working hard to ensure that what was built with style then is not destroyed today.;
Meanwhile the City is busy renovating the historic Graaf Power Stn.

Western Cape declared a Disaster Area due to low DAM LEVELS ONLY 37% on 18th September. Problems not over yet!
Remember 10% is unpumpable! Level 5 Restrictions in place. 
See the details on the City Council Info and Environment Pages where level 5 restrictions are now imposed.
There is also a Table of how to use only 87 litres  water per person per day.

On the 'What's Up' page we will display application notices for building proposals and departures that  are supposed to be sent to adjacent and opposite residents but in the past our members have reported not seeing them. The current ones are:

Relating to Erf 2601 Oranjezicht 55 Upper Orange St ( St Cyprian's sports field)
Relating to Erf 2192 Vredehoek 17 Peppertree Rd (planning departures)
Relating to Erf 1306 Vredehoek 33 Deer Park Drive (deletion restrictions)
Relating to Erf 1341 Tamboerskloof 7 Rael St (departure for extensions)
Relating to Erf 1592 Vredehoek 4 Derry St (deletion restrictions for 2nd house)
Relating to Erf 1152 Oranjezicht 6 Buxton Ave (departures for new garage)
Relating to Erf 93 Oranjezicht 13 Flower St (planning departures for extensions)
Relating to Erf 670 Vredehoek 12 Aloe St (planning departures for extensions)

Relating to Erf 3298 Oranjezicht 158 Kloof St (departure to allow block of flats)

Relating to Erf 200 Tamboerskloof 100 New Church St (rezoning and departures) 
The Minutes of CIBRA's monthly Urban Conservation Advisory Panel meetings are now available to the public on our Urban Conservation page of this website. 


Sections & sub-sections in this website contain screen-ready resources and weblinks to documents that are best seen on their original websites though in some cases both documents and weblinks are available here.

Note that some documents, such as City drafts & public notifications, etc. have closing dates and are displayed here only for a few weeks. See “What’s up” page

Once finalised and passed, Regulations, Policies & By-laws will, in most cases, be listed only as weblinks.

Other documents under various headings may also be temporary and this is indicated where appropriate. 

Download your own PDF copy of these numbers by clicking on the document link in the panel below:

Emergency Numbers

NB When applications to HWC are referred to CIBRA please make a booking with our Urban Conservation Advisory Panel using the link on the Urban Conservation page of this website.
Read the August Ward report on the City Wards page.

The Social Matters page has details of the City's proposed Safe Space at Culemborg for Homeless street  people

Guess where and what this is?
Cape Town's proposed new skyscraper, and how the developers intend to supply 'Affordable Housing' in it?
Use this link to read all about it:

NB The City has issued a Media release about the high water usage households which you should please read on the City Council Info page.