Please be aware that there are civilians driving a dark coloured Mercedes Benz with GP number plates (DG62BH GP) in SAPS uniforms with fraudulent search warrants in order to gain access to your premises.
Should you spot this vehicle, please contact the police immediately
on 10111 or Sea Point SAPS 021 430 3700.

Sent by Captain Elizabeth Munro, Sea Point SAPS
Corporate Communication - 082 522 0950 / 021 430 3746
De Waal Park showcase of the problem of the Homeless:

Support the new Gardens Bowling Club Recycling depot

 opposite the Presbyterian Church in Orange Street.

DAM LEVELS AT AN ALARMING 27% see the details on the Environment Page.


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NB When applications to HWC are referred to CIBRA please make a booking with our Urban Conservation Advisory Panel using the link on the Urban Conservation page of this website.
 A more positive sign of Community activity in De Waal Park is the strange cubicle surrounded by plastic dogs: