Details of the new water tariffs and the link to the water usage map  is on the City Council Info Page of this website PLUS the City apologises for using estimates for your Water account.

You can also read the presentation about the Water crisis in a PDF at the bottom of the City Council Info page.


CITY OF CAPE TOWN 19 FEBRUARY 2018 MEDIA RELEASE - Watershed ruling for Cape Town’s rivers, floodplains and wetlands regarding the Disa River at Hout Bay on our Water& environment Page


A notice about the proposed AARTO (Traffic Offences) Amendment Bill

 sent to CIBRA by concerned citizens forming a group called 'Dear Cape Town' is on our Traffic and Transport page for you to decide if you wish to object.


Read full details in the PDF on the City Council Info page on this Website


Sections & sub-sections in this website contain screen-ready resources and weblinks to documents that are best seen on their original websites though in some cases both documents and weblinks are available here.

Note that some documents, such as City drafts & public notifications, etc. have closing dates and are displayed here only for a few weeks. See “What’s up” page

Once finalised and passed, Regulations, Policies & By-laws will, in most cases, be listed only as weblinks.

Other documents under various headings may also be temporary and this is indicated where appropriate. 

Download your own PDF copy of these numbers by clicking on the document link in the panel below:

Emergency Numbers

NB When writing to CIBRA about Planning or Conservation matters, please ensure that the SUBJECT LINE contains:

(1) the STREET address of the property which is the subject of the application.
(2) either of the words "Conservation" or "Planning", as applicable 
(3) that you KEEP the SAME SUBJECT LINE throughout the process.
The City Council info page has details of the Survey of back yard dwellings, Granny Flats etc that takes place during February and March.