View of Table Bay and the City from the 
top of Table Mountain
This is what our thousands of tourists are queuing at the Cableway to see for themselves.
GONE ! See on the What's Up page to find out what has gone.
And before you have to find out what else has gone (stolen) check these safety tips from our SA Police:

Well done City Council for refurbishing the Historic Thibault pumphouse  in Prince St:
The long metal arm of the Hurling pump has to be locked up for safe keeping. 

Read the Urban Conservation page for CIBRA's Advisory Panel report for 2016. 


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Emergency Numbers

READ the Community Police Forum December newsletter on the Security page
The City Council info page has a very interesting Court Ruling about Municipal services arrears when buying or selling a property-------------------------Well done to the German School on their Solar Panel project which will save lots of money in the long term.

The old van Breda Barn in the Homestead park has been restored by the City,
The 9th/16th Cape Town Cubs and Scouts have their Thursday meetings there. Click on an image for a larger view: